The Septile Circular: February 2021

It's the beginning of Year Two for the Septile Circular! Much as there are some bubbling growth spurts for the blog in the works (the sidebar's just been refreshed in a minor update, for instance), keep your eyes peeled a month or two down the road: I had an idea at the outset of this monthly for a way to make it true to its name and am doing some back-end work now which may allow it to become a reality. February's septile weather is somewhat low-key. With Mercury retrograde, the speedster doesn't get to lend his imprimatur much to these messages from beyond. Instead, as is fit for a month in which Valentine's Day situates, Venus takes the lead. (and here I should note, the times in the tables below are moments of exactness but with Venus' speed the aspects will be in-orb for a day on either side) Apple and Inspiration From the moment she ingresses into Aquarius on the 1st, where as dispositor she makes a biseptile to Mars to tell him what's-what, Venus danc

The Septile Circular: December 2020

My apologies dear readers. Would it suffice to say that transit Pluto has been kicking my arse? Let's get to the basics and get this posted for posterity, if nothing else. December's septile weather set the stage for a transition out of 2020's holding Cataract Star pattern. Three-quarters of the Capricorn crew finally moved on their way into Aquarius and away from the Capricorn focal point of the star at roughly 26-27° of the sign (although Pluto is moving in to anchor until Uranus advances into his next 5 degrees of Taurus). The aspect of the month is the 6th of 7 Uranus-Pluto biseptiles, exact on the 26th. This is augmented by a smaller blip of Jupiter swiftly moving out of his shadow range and nicking Neptune for a one-off waning septile along the way. First to Jupiter, consider that in 2019 his travels through home sign of Sagittarius brought us the square to Neptune, while in the early days of 2020 his first Neptune sextile brought the advent of COVID-19. The friction