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Hi, my name's Kate, and I'm a student of astrology. Welcome to Kastalia! I sit here at my desk, holding a small piece of raw rose quartz to the light. The color is faint, almost lavender, and with such clarity it's almost like a bit of wet half-cloudy ice. Hold its roughness to the light just-so and you can spy fleeting rainbows. Those who understand energetics would say its pink is a soft, healing energy, related to the heart chakra, related to Venus. But it's also a rock. A jewel in Saturn's wheelhouse. A happy combination of these two gods, who very rarely get along. But that's my hope for this blog. Slow, steady accrual of value as my studies deepen and mature (astrology is surely a lifetime study, and, well, I learned the hard way with an original recipes cocktail blog - thanks Neptune in Pisces!). Brick by brick, a home comes into being. I have been studying astrology in one form or another for about 25 years, from when I first started constructing