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Researching the connection between astrology and Myers-Briggs typology

Hi everyone! The survey to test my hypothesis for pulling a person's Myers-Briggs (MBTI) type from their chart is now live. (and no, I'm not in the least bit terrified of Saturn on the ascendant, just inside Placidus 12th, as I publish this. Slow steady - manageable - accumulation of survey responses suits me just fine. It's also the blog's first lunar return to the degree, Luna now clear of the eclipse, so there is that) Please go here to the survey landing page , which will direct you to the survey proper. I wanted to get the instructions detailed for you in advance of the actual survey, since you'll need to complete an online MBTI test first (for consistent typing) and get a screenshot of your results, plus wrangle your birth details for the astrology side of the research. Once you have your data ready, the survey will be a few questions and an email. While I won't go into detail on my hypothetical method, I will note that in one-on-one testing with oth