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New Moon in Scorpio (2019) MBTI/Astrology metrics

Greetings all! It's autumn. Saturn and Pluto have gone direct. Let's get down to brass tacks. First of all, it is with much humility that I'm able to now announce I will, for my first ever speaking role, present on the topic of Myers-Briggs typology and astrology at the upcoming Members' Day at the Astrological Society of Princeton . Mark your calendars if you'll be in the Philadelphia area the weekend of January 12th. Some of you might have heard a record scratch there on mentioning the date. .......yeah. I will be speaking a matter of hours after Saturn-Pluto perfects its conjunction. No worries. No pressure. Not like I'll be feeling 4 other major transits that week either. 😵 And, if you're grokking that emoji, please do me a favor and help me collect data, LOTS of data! Positively divert the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio energies with this psychological research! Have a link to the survey landing page . We've got 9 responses to the s

A musing on Uranus in Aries and Taurus

Saturn calls... Bum...bum...bum...bum... One...two...three...four... One foot in front of the other.. He moves forward, and so do we. But from Saturn's toils, his requirements and restraint, we must remember also to lift our eyes skywards. And I would be remiss were I to proceed further without preaching my practice. I sing to thee, O Reader, of a god so mighty he may stand before thee, in all grandeur, yet absent mind nothing would ye see. I sing not of bright Phoebus nor his sister Dian, plain as day and subtle as night, yet with unfailing arrows to announce. Nor do I sing Stormcloud Zeus of the thunderbolt, broad-chested and farseeing; though he spans as far as the eye may find, there is one greater I have in mind. Not Plouton the soultaker, Poseidon the earthshaker, nor even great Kronos the time-maker. Look to the stars and perchance, ye may find his robes on which the planetas dance. The Titan masters not merely space but time. Boundless he extends, such