New Moon in Scorpio (2019) MBTI/Astrology metrics

Greetings all! It's autumn. Saturn and Pluto have gone direct. Let's get down to brass tacks.

First of all, it is with much humility that I'm able to now announce I will, for my first ever speaking role, present on the topic of Myers-Briggs typology and astrology at the upcoming Members' Day at the Astrological Society of Princeton. Mark your calendars if you'll be in the Philadelphia area the weekend of January 12th.

Some of you might have heard a record scratch there on mentioning the date. .......yeah. I will be speaking a matter of hours after Saturn-Pluto perfects its conjunction. No worries. No pressure. Not like I'll be feeling 4 other major transits that week either. 😵

And, if you're grokking that emoji, please do me a favor and help me collect data, LOTS of data! Positively divert the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio energies with this psychological research! Have a link to the survey landing page.

We've got 9 responses to the survey so far - entirely my bad for letting life get in the way in the meanwhile. Ideally, I'd like at least 80 responses (16x5), so there's a substantial representation for each MBTI type (and hopefully a broad diversity of Sun/Moon/AC/etc signs as well).

To that end, as the below metrics charts will show,

1) INFPs, I luv ya, you are clearly the champions of this research to-date. But it'll be lopsided if many more of you respond.

2) Instead, if you (all of you, collective dear readers) could please reach out to your fellow Extraverts, Sensors, Thinkers and Judgers and have them take the survey, this would provide the breadth needed to fortify the method I'm working on to pull type from the natal horoscope.

Note: the X in some of the below responses is OK! It may help the method refinement, even.
ALSO! Scroll to the bottom for an asteroid treat!



FINALLY: It's kinda silly. Given half the reason for rushing to get this blog up-and-running was to make a base for this very Myers-Briggs survey, I really should have checked relevant asteroids in the inception chart, no? Well, at the end of August I finally went back and plugged-in a couple. To coin an acronym: YCMTSU (You Can't Make This S*** Up).