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New Moon in Sagittarius (2019) MBTI/Astrology metrics

Happy New Moon! We've gone from the deep psychological processing (and Merc retrograde) of Scorpio to the far-seeking philosophizing of Sagittarius. The pursuit of knowledge continues, but slowly. And the survey results aren't too much different from last month, as the metrics below show. I think I can say with some certainty that INFPs are unmatched when it comes to volunteering - thank you for your help! We've hit our 5 respondents-per-MBTI-type quota for INFPs, though, so if future INFP would-be-respondents could make it a mission to herd extroverts, sensors, thinkers and judgers this way, it'll help the research have a decent validity. I'm not here to say with certainty what type you are based on your chart - that's a conclusion the research itself aims to find. I can understand the reticence of other types, though, in this day of scary tech. One thing I want to note is that the risks of having personal data lumped-together are constantly on my mind. My