New Moon in Sagittarius (2019) MBTI/Astrology metrics

Happy New Moon! We've gone from the deep psychological processing (and Merc retrograde) of Scorpio to the far-seeking philosophizing of Sagittarius. The pursuit of knowledge continues, but slowly. And the survey results aren't too much different from last month, as the metrics below show.

I think I can say with some certainty that INFPs are unmatched when it comes to volunteering - thank you for your help! We've hit our 5 respondents-per-MBTI-type quota for INFPs, though, so if future INFP would-be-respondents could make it a mission to herd extroverts, sensors, thinkers and judgers this way, it'll help the research have a decent validity. I'm not here to say with certainty what type you are based on your chart - that's a conclusion the research itself aims to find.

I can understand the reticence of other types, though, in this day of scary tech. One thing I want to note is that the risks of having personal data lumped-together are constantly on my mind. My professional background is in clinical trial research, so I've been steeped for the last 15 years in FDA/HIPAA/Good Clinical Practice standards when it comes to patient protection. The story of how Bob Dole's personal data was identified in Viagra trials is the stuff of legend for me, and I've personally witnessed how the pharma industry has evolved to avoid such things.

With that in mind, at the outset I've compartmentalized which data gets used/analyzed in different systems and anything personally-identifying is remaindered to one location only (I've employed the technique of neutral subject identification numbers). Your important details matter and aren't regarded lightly.

But now, a little less seriousness. With Neptune apparently in overdrive for me today, how about an extra side-jaunt over to my cocktail blog? This time last year I came up with an idea for how to create punch recipe for any person or event, and then some examples based on my own chart. How about a little something á là minute, as well?

Sun ♐, Moon ♑, Mercury ♏, Venus ♑, Mars ♏

Black Friday Brooding Punch
1/2 oz pomegranate juice
1 oz King's Ginger liqueur (store-bought or homemade)
1 1/2 oz Remy Martin VSOP
2 oz bitter lemon soda
1 dash ground cloves

Shake first 3 ingredients, strain into punch cup, add soda, stir, dust with cloves.