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New Moon in Capricorn (2019) MBTI/Astrology metrics

Hi all. Mostly a perfunctory set of metrics with little movement again. But, for going into less than a month before my first presentation on this topic, I'll see what I can do to push it. Right now though? These results are in no state to be extrapolated upon. I have a pretty decent sense for what I think the ultimate method is going to look like, but how am I going to talk about it with any certainty when we've only hit quota for INFP and INFJ? Any help spreading the word to extroverts, sensors and thinkers would be greatly appreciated. 🙏 And also, if you happen to be in the Philadelphia/mid-New Jersey region the day of Saturn-Pluto (Sunday, Jan 12th), please come on out to the Astrological Society of Princeton to see Ellen Zucker and myself present. It says Member's Day, but that just means it's a day for actual members to present their work instead of having other presenters. You'll certainly be welcome. Hope to see you there! MBTI Astrol