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The Septile Circular: February 2020

Welcome to the first-ever Septile Circular! The septile (one-seventh of 360°, or approximately 51°25', somewhere between a semi-square at 45 degrees and a sextile at 60 degrees) is one of those "little things" of astrology which often goes overlooked in favor of the heavy-hitting Ptolomeic aspects. To be fair, those aspects do a lot of the work of much of the astrology you'll see out there, and for many good reasons. Septiles simply haven't been studied or practiced as much by comparison. To that end, however, it seems only fitting that this-here Muse offers some ground-level contributions to our understanding of these inspirational aspects. How? By listing the monthly 7th harmonic aspects in advance so we all have a sense of what to expect and when. My aim is to get these out a few days in advance of the new month for accordant planning. But though a smidge late this month, it seems perfectly fitting these words get set-down on Imbolc or St. Brigid's Day,