The Septile Circular: February 2020

Welcome to the first-ever Septile Circular! The septile (one-seventh of 360°, or approximately 51°25', somewhere between a semi-square at 45 degrees and a sextile at 60 degrees) is one of those "little things" of astrology which often goes overlooked in favor of the heavy-hitting Ptolomeic aspects. To be fair, those aspects do a lot of the work of much of the astrology you'll see out there, and for many good reasons. Septiles simply haven't been studied or practiced as much by comparison.

To that end, however, it seems only fitting that this-here Muse offers some ground-level contributions to our understanding of these inspirational aspects. How? By listing the monthly 7th harmonic aspects in advance so we all have a sense of what to expect and when.

My aim is to get these out a few days in advance of the new month for accordant planning. But though a smidge late this month, it seems perfectly fitting these words get set-down on Imbolc or St. Brigid's Day, patroness of writers, lady of the creative fires, on the day the Moon transited Vesta at the cross-quarter degree in Taurus.

As these monthlies continue and I start posting more on the topic of septiles beyond these circulars I hope to improve on these rough delineations. My aim is creativity first, rather than life as-lived. I don't want you to come to some realization about yourself with this astrology. I want the images and sounds herein to spur resonances which you follow-down in your own way. Don't just go for easy release: bottle it! Capture it! Don't let bursts of past self drift to the ether, never to be quite-remembered. This is not consciousness. Don't forget your whole self, even as the polished gem of your being shifts to display other facets in the changing light of time.

In the coming months, it's my hope to build-in the lunar septiles, but it's going to take a bit of work on several levels. With 7 or 8 aspects to each planet/significant asteroid over the course of a month, that's over 100 separate aspects to calculate, organize and present. I think it might be worth it, though. Incremental progress is the way. In the meantime, I recommend in cases where sudden small ideas flash into your head from below or you get synchronicities involving the number 51: check an astrology app where you can see the current transit aspects degrees. Luna may be pinging you.

But anyway, since this is a process of slow learning and growth for me (and I'm relatively sure for you, dear reader, regarding septiles), let's wander on down this road of cosmic breadcrumbs together - and see what we can figure out.

In compiling the aspects for this month, I'm struck that the gods above are self-segregating by gender when it comes to the 7th harmonic. Venus, the 4 asteroid goddesses (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta) and the lunar nodes have their own septile sandbox, with a significant pattern in the middle of the month. Meanwhile Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Chiron intermix with themselves. Mercury, delightfully, plays both sides. And in the background we have a perfecting significant 7th between slow-movers Saturn and Neptune. Finally, Pluto sits this month out with regard to inspiration.

The background: with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction ebbing into the rearview mirror, the pile-up of planets (full- and dwarf-size) at 23° Capricorn begins to dissipate, each object at its own pace entering Aquarius, setting-up aspects to Uranus, Neptune and Chiron. You see recurrences over the course of the month as Mercury, the Sun, and Ceres begin making septiles to the same slow-moving points.

Jan 29: Sun septile Mars
Jan 31: Venus septile Ceres, Sun septile Chiron

Feb 1: Mercury septile Pallas, Mars biseptile Chiron - warriors, battered and beaten, confer on strategy
Feb 2: Mercury septile South Node
Feb 3: Venus septile Vesta, Venus biseptile North Node
Feb 4: Venus triseptile Juno, Vesta septile North Node

Mercury (6♓) septile Jupiter (15♑) - Knowledge and difficulty communicating it.

Saturn (25) septile Neptune (17)
Mystic knowledge within and without bounds, perhaps spurred by daydreams at the dayjob. These are not all bad: you have to ride a hobbyhorse before you can ride a real one. But do make sure to envision the charges, the throws and the earthshaking. That way if you come across an obstacle you know how to adjust or to whom you can appeal for help. The tries and the refinements are part of the story.

Juno (21♎) triseptile Vesta (17♉). Juno stations retrograde at 6pm GMT.
Dedication and commitment: a reconciling between the two facets of Venus; the scales, which otherwise might wobble back and forth, balance even and still against the immovable object. Contemplate a statue of Blind Justice.

These speak of a sense of the profound by which we ground ourselves, even if we're unable to articulate beyond dry terse speech the depths and layers we find in it. It is ok to be silent. If nothing else: WRITE, COMPOSE, PAINT, SCULPT. Commit to doing it the way it ought to be done. The medium is as much the message. Set it down in stone for the ages to come. Person-to-person communication will be inadequate.

Feb 9: Ceres triseptile North Node
Feb 11: Ceres biseptile Juno

Feb 13: GODDESS DAY! Mercury septile Uranus, Venus works on semi-septiles to Mercury and Uranus (both perfected Feb 14th), and Mars and Pluto perfect a semi-septile. The Moon works on perfecting a triseptile to Venus.

All 4 goddess asteroids will be in 7th or 14th harmonic relationship with one another. Ceres (5♒) is in-between perfecting biseptiles to Juno (21♎) and Vesta (18♉) (equal aspect length 3am GMT), who are slowly separating from triseptile, whilst moving to perfect a semi-septile with Pallas (here 9♑) late in the month.

An idyllic scene: the goddesses have an afternoon tea, or maybe a barbecue with plant-based burgers. While still harmonious, with Mousagetes Pallas directing the choir of Muses at Queen Juno's behest, factions emerge with the commitment of Venus' ladies rivaling the somber dryness of Saturn's goddesses. An old enmity, set in stone. Truth is beauty and beauty truth. That is all ye need know.

Feb 16th: Mercury stations retrograde - watch him re-make the same septile aspects in reverse.

Feb 17: Sun septile South Node
Feb 18: Ceres biseptile Vesta
Feb 20: Mercury septile Uranus redux
Feb 22: Venus septile Mars
Feb 23: Mercury septile Jupiter redux
Feb 24: Venus biseptile South Node
Feb 26: Mercury septile Pallas redux
Feb 29: Mercury septile Venus, Sun septile Jupiter, Ceres biseptile Pallas

March 1st: an advance look at another major aspect: Jupiter biseptile Uranus

Venus is moving fast enough that first she'll bi-septile the North Node on February 3rd and then bi-septile the South Node on the 24th, squaring both at 1am GMT February 14th. The Moon raises her mirror to Venus' a few hours later in triseptile. With lady Aphrodite perfecting semi-septiles to Mercury and Uranus on the same date, and just moving past a conjunction with Chiron, perhaps we'll feel an impetus from beyond to reconsider our values regarding social media, particularly with regard the larger "Overmind"s at work. We gain a sense of what truly nurtures us while in peaceful reverie. But then the cold light of day hits and it's almost too much to bear. However, even wounded, weakened, we move past our own victimhood, picking up the spear to lead the charge in a righteous cause, discarding the structures which would keep us under the thumb.

Let me know what you think and if you have any sudden inspirational pings or paranormal/otherworldly experiences! If you're trying to figure something out, perhaps we can tease it out here or on Twitter.