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The Septile Circular: March 2020

Greetings one and all. My apologies for the late circular this's been a frenetic last couple of weeks, I think you'll agree. I'll keep it relatively simple this time: minimal delineations and some topline highlights. As you might notice, we've undergone a bit of an upgrade. Not only are there lunar aspects this time around, but we have everything all nice and tabular for easy reading, thanks to my handy new homemade aspectarian program. It's not 100% -- the Moon times are a little rough and could use midday precision refinements -- but there's now strong infrastructure to build on, keeping in-tune with the northern hemisphere's budding spring. My aim for April or May's circular is to make the Moon transits more graphical, much better than staring at a column of data (which gets finicky with the formatting towards the end, so it'll be a relief to have something prettier soon enough). High-level transits for this month: During the