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Follow-up to the first (!) COVID-19 post

This weekend one of my local astrology groups (the Astrological Society of Princeton ) hosted a ZOOM conversation on the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was fortunate enough to be included alongside the elegant and thoughtful Catherine Goshen in discussing our recent articles on the topic as starter for a larger roundtable. Do go check out her piece  An Astrological Perspective on the Coronavirus as Catalyst for Change . She lays out all the heavy-hitters from the outer planet/nodal transits and historical transit themes to Sibly chart comparisons and future transits several years out. She set the foundation for a rich conversation among over 2 dozen astrologers, and my piece on some of the tinier details would have made little sense without it. And on the "first" in the title: there's more. It's developing, but there's more. There's one little asteroid not yet mentioned who's like Forrest Gump in all this, I'm digging historically into a possible mechani

Asteroids Koronis (158) & Apophis (99942), the Great American Eclipses, and COVID-19

Nothing would make me happier than going off on flights of fancy and delighting you, dear reader, with astrological art analysis or random theorizing on harmonics or psychology (these are coming yet). But....this may not be the right year. We got higher priorities right at the moment. And I feel obligated that if I see something, I should say something. Asteroid watchers have cited Koronis (158) and a few other asteroids as key players in the emerging astrology of the developing COVID-19 pandemic. Koronis appears to be the closest homophonic asteroid to coronavirus , and her mythology has numerous uncanny parallels. Per the Theoi Project , Princess Koronis was loved by Apollo, but was unfaithful. The Sun God, informed by a raven, ordered his sister, Moon Goddess Artemis, to slay her and those around her with plague arrows. Koronis died, but not before giving birth to Apollo's son, renowned healer Asclepius, who was later entrusted to master teacher, healer and centaur Chiron. Fr