Follow-up to the first (!) COVID-19 post

This weekend one of my local astrology groups (the Astrological Society of Princeton) hosted a ZOOM conversation on the COVID-19 pandemic, and I was fortunate enough to be included alongside the elegant and thoughtful Catherine Goshen in discussing our recent articles on the topic as starter for a larger roundtable. Do go check out her piece An Astrological Perspective on the Coronavirus as Catalyst for Change. She lays out all the heavy-hitters from the outer planet/nodal transits and historical transit themes to Sibly chart comparisons and future transits several years out. She set the foundation for a rich conversation among over 2 dozen astrologers, and my piece on some of the tinier details would have made little sense without it.

And on the "first" in the title: there's more. It's developing, but there's more. There's one little asteroid not yet mentioned who's like Forrest Gump in all this, I'm digging historically into a possible mechanism for belatedly triggering a years-ago eclipse into a pandemic, and, just what was Koronis up to in the interlude between GAE2017 and Saturn-Pluto? (hint: there might have been some spice and legerdemain)

But before that: housekeeping, plus April and May septiles.