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The Septile Circular: May 2020

Dear readers, I realize the title of this piece indicates a summary of data for the month of May, but having gotten my act together*...I'm here to tell you the second half of 2020 is going to be off the hook. *(check out the  #SeptilePings  on Twitter!) And with all the other major transits occurring (Saturn-Pluto, Jupiter-Pluto, Jupiter-Neptune, Jupiter-Saturn, Eris-Pluto) there's a fair case that none of those conjunctions, sextiles and squares are THE sine qua non of the year. What we have here is the Year of the 7th Harmonic , comparable only to 6 other years since 1900 for number of exact hits, and the last of such extraordinary years through 2050. All 5 outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) will be involved in 11 exact septiles or biseptiles with one another over the course of 2020. Such a high number of aspects also means there will be several overlaps while they remain in orb. Plus, there's an additional building-but-refranated (within 1° orb)

The Septile Circular: April 2020

Catching back up with the long-term projects #1... I was holding off this post in order to get some support for some fancy tweet-scheduling programmed (you'll see quite soon....there will be emojis!). And also so I could create a better output formatting so I'm not spending too much time on that every month. Plus, you've seen, I've been distracted in researching Koronis and a few other things. But with this cleared-up I hope it'll be full-swing ahead. As a retrospective and for continuity's sake, here are April's seventh harmonics. It's been somewhat mild this month, but we start seeing some major movers in May (post up shortly). Mercury had a great start to the month with aspects to the Capricorn cluster of Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas on April 1st. We get a significant cluster with Sun, Mercury and Ceres interacting with the lunar (true) nodes on April 4th (overshadowed by Jupiter conjunct Pluto the same day). Juno and Jupiter biseptile on April 7t