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The latest for the MBTI-Astrology survey, Spring 2020

Now for a bit of long-overdue housekeeping. To those who have helped keep the survey afloat with new data: thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm grateful for your continued interest as this work develops. As you can see below, the survey is running into a bit of an imbalance problem as far as volunteer data goes. What it says is INFx types are especially supportive and giving. Thank you, very much appreciated! To everyone who has volunteered: thank you, your data and its privacy remain respected and well under-wraps. But, I need to go back and reformulate my outreach to the other types to even-out the balance of Extroverts, Sensors and Thinkers. For the time being, my plans for this work are thus: The survey will continue to simmer on the backburner using the pinned Twitter link. A slow trickle of volunteers without promotion is fine by me. I'm going to continue to develop my analysis program in the background amid some other astrological blogging topics and research. T

The Septile Circular: June 2020

Welcome back for June's Septile Circular, folks. I've been doing a lot of processing behind the scenes and am delighted to start bringing you some initial findings. We're going to take a step back from diving straight into major 7th harmonic (7H) years. I don't yet have the research together on that, but I do have more foundational material which is going to help us contextualize and assess both this year as well as others. Frankly though, this is just an excuse to show-off some self-programmed rainbow-colored spreadsheet results. 🤓 As it turns out, there's perhaps a bigger picture which needs to be expanded on first. It's one thing for 2020 to have the 4th highest count of exact outer planet 7H aspects between 1900 and 2050. It's another to notice, "oh, hey, with all of these aspects there's more than one happening at the same time ." So how does 2020 stack-up over the same 150 year period in this regard? ...It doesn't. When analyzin