The latest for the MBTI-Astrology survey, Spring 2020

Now for a bit of long-overdue housekeeping.

To those who have helped keep the survey afloat with new data: thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm grateful for your continued interest as this work develops.

As you can see below, the survey is running into a bit of an imbalance problem as far as volunteer data goes. What it says is INFx types are especially supportive and giving. Thank you, very much appreciated! To everyone who has volunteered: thank you, your data and its privacy remain respected and well under-wraps. But, I need to go back and reformulate my outreach to the other types to even-out the balance of Extroverts, Sensors and Thinkers.

For the time being, my plans for this work are thus:
  1. The survey will continue to simmer on the backburner using the pinned Twitter link. A slow trickle of volunteers without promotion is fine by me.
  2. I'm going to continue to develop my analysis program in the background amid some other astrological blogging topics and research. Traditional, modern and even tropical vs sidereal analysis techniques - everything's on the table and the program will only get more robust. The existing survey data will remain largely untouched for now. I'm going to develop using good ol' Astro-Databank chart data (tropical and sidereal versions of each), with consideration for Rodden Rating, using celebrity subjects deriving from 3 different sources of online professional typings: HumanMetrics, Keirsey, and Personality Junkie as available.
  3. Survey update posts will come out as substantial new data accrues. I expect at least one more for the second half of the year, if not quarterly.
  4. More research into temperament theory, medieval and modern, based on the work presented by Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum and Karen Hamaker-Zondag among others. 

Finally, I need to catch-up on a Twitter promise I made to discuss the method I'm considering for deriving MBTI type from the chart (to yet be tested with adequate supply of real data). My intent was to begin discussing it further after my first-ever astrological presentation, a review of astrology, temperament and Jungian typology at the Astrological Society of Princeton back in January - assuming the survey would have adequate data by that time.

I did briefly get into my theory on how to derive type from the chart at the tail-end of the presentation, but a) the theory is already being undone by the current survey data and b) with few and unbalanced survey responses I don't think I can do that yet in this forum, as a matter of protecting the unbiased integrity of the survey while it's ongoing.

It's a frustrating response, no doubt. To be coy and perhaps more generous than I ought, where my head is at currently (no commentary on the data itself) is that the general intuition of Jungian psychological types (iNtuition, Sensing, Thinking, Feeling) corresponding to the 4 elements...there may be something to that, but not what you think. To be sure, I'll be as happy as you'll be once this thing gets to the stage of concrete results. We will have statistical analyses, even!

Stay tuned...


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