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The Septile Circular: July 2020

Greetings, dear reader! I'm going to make an executive decision this month and push-off the analysis of previous outer-planet 7H-heavy years until next month's circular, or flat-out decouple it from these circulars. My focus and interest is squarely on COVID-19/USA Pluto return stuff right now - and something tells me you might be interested there also. If I can get analysis of 2020 completed, then that topic can rest until 2021 approaches - and then in the meanwhile we can get a better sense of what's to come when the 7H aspects get intense this autumn. So! Sweet but not quite quick, there are two interesting things going on this month: Saturn septile Neptune, both retrograde (#2 of 3 this year) The complete absence of any non-lunar septiles between June 30th and July 6th this year. Followed by a rather quiet month for the same, in general. Firstly, to Saturn-Neptune: the first Saturn-Neptune biseptile emerged the last week of January, perfecting itself the secon

The Uncanny Adventures of Asteroid Phoinix (4543): 2020, part 1

Today's post has been a long time in the making. In the process of writing it though, I realized I had so much discordant material that it might be easier to take-in if I break it into topical chunks. So keep your eyes peeled this week and next for parts 2 and 3, because we're really only getting started (and that's just for transits this year!). It's an odd thing about working with asteroids in astrology. These little guys are rather under-explored and you never know when one might grow-up and turn into a dwarf planet! They're not calculated points, they're actual physical bodies with their own energy, though they demand tight orbs due to their size and that they share real estate with easily 100+ other small objects on the same degree. Asteroids you could say, require a technical prowess. Beyond a practicable baseline knowledge of astrology, you need an encyclopedic memory for names, associated themes and history, plus a flexible mind for alternate spellin