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The Septile Circular: August 2020

Are you ready for things to heat up in August? Because the septile weather we have this month is a test drive for what we're getting in October and November, plus 2021, and it comes at us straight out the gate. But before we get into that... I want to point to the #SeptilePing 'ing over on Twitter. Speaking from a very recent transit, I received confirmation of what septiles do to begin with. My experience was one of massive downloads of insight in a very tiny timeframe, more than I felt my human capacity might contain or could only come to after a very long process of slow accretion. The experience was based on both objects in the aspect being partile conjunct a natal biseptile. The natal placements described the long-term meaning for me while the transit objects described how it emerged, further enhanced by the dignity of an object in each of the pairs. Given my affection for these aspects, you'd be correct in thinking this isn't the first time this has happened to