The Septile Circular: August 2020

Are you ready for things to heat up in August? Because the septile weather we have this month is a test drive for what we're getting in October and November, plus 2021, and it comes at us straight out the gate.

But before we get into that...

I want to point to the #SeptilePing'ing over on Twitter. Speaking from a very recent transit, I received confirmation of what septiles do to begin with. My experience was one of massive downloads of insight in a very tiny timeframe, more than I felt my human capacity might contain or could only come to after a very long process of slow accretion. The experience was based on both objects in the aspect being partile conjunct a natal biseptile. The natal placements described the long-term meaning for me while the transit objects described how it emerged, further enhanced by the dignity of an object in each of the pairs. Given my affection for these aspects, you'd be correct in thinking this isn't the first time this has happened to me.

In your case, it may not be quite insight which comes through, necessarily. As time allows I'd like to get into the theory and underlying mechanics of septiles more in separate posts, but in general the 7th harmonic has a way of being a connection with the otherworldly - often why these aspects are considered to be a mixture of transcendental Uranus and Neptune energies. Which confounds me a little bit because it turns the moment the aspect occurs into a tangible-yet-elusive event in a way I don't feel meshes with the way we normally talk about the rational aspects, save perhaps for the conjunction. There's a quality of intelligence and revelation at work, greater than can be contained in the everyday orders of consciousness, be it voices from the other side, angels, spirit or UFO sightings, and it's like these aspects create tiny wormholes which connect our world and another. The quality of revelation is the event itself, so it feels concretized in a more narrow way than say, a square is a conflict which can play out in so many ways internal, intrapersonal or out in the world.

So take a look at the lists down below of upcoming aspects, especially for those making <1° hits to your natal placements. Those out-of-the-blue moments of insight or other weirdness from beyond you may receive might actually be predictable. Make sure to make space around those times where you're not distracted or over-focused, are in a flow or play mode where those little inspirations can sneak up and be received. Also, every aspect listed here gets a scheduled tweet. If this pays off for you, please do give a shout here in the comments or on Twitter.

Now to this month's aspects

It's hard to choose an aspect of the month. However this month, for the first time this year we've got a bonafide tight harmonic pattern on our hands. That is, barring the collection of outer planets which started coalescing in May/June which I was hesitant to call due to lack of precision - people who don't use septiles can be so persnickety about their orbs! Hat tip Rick Levine for the learning experience on the pattern at this summer's solar eclipse. You and Lynn Koiner are my septile gurus whose models I follow most closely, along with additional other very learned astrologers I follow on the topic.

The Harmonic Pattern: Saturn-Neptune-Uranus

First, the tables below may not show it, but we have a confluence of 3 outer planet aspects overlapping in a harmonic pattern at the start of the month: Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and Neptune in Pisces. This is the first (tight) 7th harmonic pattern of the year, in a year chock-full of big distinct aspects. For a little writerly flourish and color, I'm going to call this particular constellation (these 3 planets, in septile-biseptile-septile with one another) The Cataract. Sluggish, traditional Saturn in Capricorn moves like a nagging post-nasal drip catarrh, bull-like Uranus in Taurus wants to ACT, and well-seated Neptune in Pisces exerts a confusing miasma on both which messes with our sights. And the pattern mimics the shape of the Eye aspect pattern from Huber astrology.

Of the three aspects, we're in the middle of the Saturn-Uranus biseptile, which perfects over the course of August 1st through 3rd and will linger in-orb through the rest of the month, coming back in-orb October into November. The Uranus-Neptune septile, which doesn't perfect until 2021, came within orb starting July 29th and will refranate through the middle of November. And the Saturn-Neptune septile from July lingers until falling out of orb on the 4th. All 3 especially congeal during the period of the 1st through the 3rd, with development in the surrounding days. However, the pattern began to emerge with the lunar eclipse of June 5th (with the brief addition of the North Node and the solar eclipse on June 21st), and will reemerge for nearly the full months of Libra and Scorpio later this year.

Putting these 3 movers and shakers together is almost overwhelming. Saturn in Capricorn, in the aftermath of his conjunction with (and recurrent near-pass for the remainder of the year) Pluto and his toe-dipping in Aquarius, brings lockdowns, authoritarian leadership, and violent police forces. Uranus gaining his footing in Taurus shakes up agriculture, the way we do food and banking, Gaia in general, and is the young grounding of the new revolutionary force which emerged when he was in Aries; this is the resistance against Saturn's authority. The Saturn-Uranus biseptile sings an inspiratory prelude to 2021's waning square between the planets: the stories to be told of this clash won't be of its actual battles during the square, but the tragedies from which it sprang during the biseptile.

As Robert Wilkinson puts it:
The waning biseptile has the same irrational "exteriorization of destiny" qualities [as the waxing biseptile], but since it falls in the ninth house relative to any point, it is the culminating fork in the road to seeing the truth of a thing, and it precedes the culmination point of the waxing square.
The waning biseptile speaks to the choice to say No More, and this on the heels of the waning triseptile, one of which occurred March 2nd 2012, not long after the death of Trayvon Martin.

And then, THEN! Neptune in Pisces, with its paranoia-inducing COVID-carrying invisible vapor and its swirl of confusion in anything coming from news outlets, supremely strong in its modern domicile of Pisces, septiles both Saturn and Uranus, wedging these warring planets apart with a firehose. As I wrote in last month's circular on the Saturn-Neptune septile:
It's as though one knows there is real danger, but in reaching out for structures to address it finds their hands not touching a wall but a tidal wave instead. Neptune in all his earth-trembling quality speaking clearly through the ethers, offering no form for Mercury's mind to grasp but instead the overwhelm natural to a trans-Saturnian planet.

Possible manifestations?

I'll admit, writing that last month and then seeing headlines about floodwaters challenging 3 Gorges Dam in China, one of the largest damns ever built, as Saturn-Neptune slowly separated sent me into a tizzy over the weekend: their septile hadn't yet gone out of 1.5° orb and widened into a sextile, and I couldn't think of better planets to represent the sturdy walls of a dam set against the raging, potentially overwhelming waters. And then with logical Uranus, master disruptor, coming into the pattern for the first time, who knows what disaster this most dis of asterisms could bring?

Transiting through Taurus, the most Mother Earth sign of the zodiac, images of the story of Ouranos and Gaia are brought to mind. Gaia, mother and wife to Ouranos, was forced by her husband to lay with him regularly, the sky crushing the earth, and further to swallow the burden their progeny, the Titans, deep within her recesses, for their imperfections were unsightly to the eyes of the ultra-rational Ouranos. Gaia, with the aid of 5 of her sons, led by Kronos (Saturn) with a sickle sword, took her justice: they severed Ouranos' member to cease his ways and give him no reason to encroach on the earth. His cast away part was thrown into the sea, from the foam of which rose Aphrodite, who rules Taurus.

Did you know that 3 Gorges Dam retains so much water it slows, very slightly, the earth's rotation? What would Mother Earth think of such an artificial imposition on her will by technology?

I was worried this might be a confluence leading to the failure of the dam. It doesn't appear to have happened yet. The aspects will further wane, and, also, would septile aspects reflect something like the physical failure of a dam to begin with? These aspects might reflect thoughts emerging suddenly to people's minds (there are news stories going back to the beginning of July questioning the sustainability of such mega-dams - just as the Saturn-Neptune septile was coming in-orb, natch), but without grounding who's to say the content of these aspects actually happened?

As I've done background research into the aspect cycles for the #SeptilePings, I have noted there are physical manifestations at times: the Vesta-Jupiter cycle reflects key periods in recent California wildfires, plus the burning of Notre Dame last year, for example. At this early stage of research, I want to say that the beyond quality of septiles is potentially godlike or a more pure state of a planet's Platonic form manifesting/communicating, though perhaps that's due to the influence of godly, religious Jupiter himself in the example and the mythological understanding of Vesta/Hestia as not entirely a being so much as the fire/hearth itself. It could indicate that that if there's a physical manifestation, then it could be of an intensely primal or elemental nature - the very things which mankind first attributed to gods - such as fire and flood.

For my own curiosity (I'm no expert on the astrological signatures of floods) I poked around with some charts for the present and coming exact hits within the Cataract (images expand when clicked) for Yichang, Hubei, China on-top of the chart for the Republic of China which Jessica Adams uses for her predictions. I also spot-checked a few other significant dam disasters with background research based on a global list from Chillopedia. The other floods were hit-or-miss for signatures, though I did note there tended to be 7th harmonic aspects involving Pluto (for the deaths caused) and/or the country or state's chart rulers.

What's of interest to me is how the septiles go from pile-of-straws, sorta septile yods in the August chart synastry to a much more elegant cat's cradle (of septile yods) interweaving the charts in October and November - all between Saturn, Uranus and Neptune on both sides. There are sturdying aspects from Saturn to Saturn in all the synastries which may suggest the dam holds despite other forces. Also, it's quite possible that the topic recurs in the news and that's the end of the story: transit Neptune aspects China's MC in August and October. But whereas the August chart has an unformed appearance, a formation takes place with regard to the Cataract later this year: the outer planets shift degrees in their retrogrades so that transit Uranus and Neptune aspect China's Neptune and transit Saturn and Neptune point at China's Saturn, while China's Saturn and Neptune point at transit Neptune.

Further, staying focused on that degree shift, is there any significance to the degrees the outers are on when connecting in the Cataract pattern? My default reaction is to turn to degree symbols for such a question. Of note, Uranus will be on the 11th degree of Taurus, which, when I refer to various sets of degree symbols suggests this Uranus likes flowing water: "A woman watering flowers in her garden" (Sabian), "A large water-wheel attached to a corn mill" (Charubel), "A monk on a rocky road giving drink and food to a poor traveler who has fallen by the way. A rayed anchor above his head" (Kozminsky). But these are images of stability; at that, the last symbol with the anchor gives an image of solidity in the wake of Neptunian depths - perhaps a sign that if challenged a dam (any dam) might hold. However, when switching to the later exact aspects this year, when Uranus is on 9 Taurus, the Kozminsky symbol and interpretation read:
A farmer driving a cart filled with fruit, at which birds are pecking.
Denotes one who acquires much by work and application, but who lacks the faculty of watchfulness in protecting his gains from the greed of others. He has an easygoing tendency, but gains come from labor, craft, and the management of his own affairs. He may be the victim of deceit or treachery, and should never put himself in the hands of others when his own well-being is concerned. He should avoid things and circumstances he does not understand. It is a symbol of Misleading.
A dam of any kind is a form of public trust that the planners and maintainers know what they are doing and can master the forces of nature - which, occasionally, can appear as powers of which mankind has no ken. Combined with the elegant minuet of the later months' synastry septiles, plus the June 21, 2020 annular solar eclipse on the 0° Cancer solstice point whose path of totality came closer to the dam itself than December 2019's solar eclipse came to Wuhan (and yet we know what came of that), October/November may be worth watching for this topic and exploring a bit deeper into the astrology.

To note, the above is incomplete astrology. Septiles are simply one technique of many and the above isn't a full picture of what's happening in the skies. The adage of using 3 different techniques to verify if something may come to pass stands, regardless, but it's beyond the scope of this one post to examine that in full.

Some may quibble with using septiles as a full-on technique itself: harmonic and vibrational astrologers certainly would have a point with their integrated approach to using all harmonics, contextualized. All other Western astrologers? Septiles are effectively a distinct technique not used regularly - and would cease to be so if more commonly integrated with the mundane aspects.

All that said, at the same time the astrology is always bigger than any one country. Saturn is on 27° Capricorn, the degree of the USA's Pluto. It would not surprise me to see a breakthrough - a dam-burst or a watershed moment - in current politics. Perhaps something which crystallizes Neptune's overwhelming of Saturnian order and business as usual: in this case the undeniable force of miasmatic COVID in compelling the public to choose prudence, reticence, schooling/working from home until sometime in 2021 and the combination of setting protective boundaries against disease in the Neptunian act of wearing a mask. As a combination of Uranus and Neptune energies, this likely boils down to a conscious choice - and perhaps that outlets in Saturn's authority.

However this astrology may pan out, it's worth paying attention to simply to watch and learn. And it's curious how it reflects the inner processes of this one astrologer, if nothing else: a delicate interplay between Uranian and Neptunian higher levels of consciousness as reflected in this harmonic, figuring out how they cross worlds (7th harmonic, synastry) and manifest on this plane of existence (Saturn). For some reason doing the actual astrology can often fulfill the requirements of the day's astrology itself.

And then everything else

Mercury and Venus are back in play after completing their recent retrogrades! Further, Mercury will apply to his superior conjunction with the Sun while both are in a position to aspect the ongoing Cataract during their travels in the second half of Leo. August 11th yields a significant cluster as the Sun and Venus aspect the Cataract while Mercury aspects Ceres before shifting into the pattern over the next few days; this is bolstered by heavy lunar 7th harmonic activity in early Taurus over the course of the 10th and 11th. More Sun & Mercury clusters emerge on the 14th and 16th as Mercury speeds up in advance of his cazimi, with more Moon septiles from late Gemini on the 14th.

With the Cataract in play, the significant points in general to keep in mind are the positions of the outer planets, as well as the open positions to be filled by transiting planets in the overall grand septile pattern structured by the outers:

Saturn in late Capricorn (preceded by Jupiter and Pluto),
Neptune at 18-20 Pisces,
Uranus at 8-10 Taurus,
the North Node for a limited time in the last degrees of Gemini,
the open last decan or so of Leo,
the second quarter of Libra,
and finally the start of Sagittarius.

Lastly, we have a heavy singleton amid the personal planets and quicker goddess asteroids: North Node triseptile Pluto on August 20th. For all the development through Capricorn Pluto has undergone since 2008, this is a rare oil-gush upwards right in the direction of both the North Node's higher trajectories and avenues for growth as well as aspirational Polaris, the North Star*. What deep feelings have been rumbling and ruminating in you which might be ready to fruit? Listen for them to talk to you. Note: the two positions are 154° apart from Pluto forward to the North Node, but the lunar nodes move backwards, so we're already past the halfway point of their synodic cycle.

*and Betelgeuse - sorry astro-pedants, not letting you have that one.

Planetary Transits

Date Time (GMT) Aspect

August 1 06:49 Venus 24 ge 23 waxing triseptile Jupiter 20 cp 06rx

August 2 00:09 Saturn 27 cp 45rx waning biseptile Uranus 10 ta 36
00:21 Mercury 24 cn 18 waning triseptile South Node 28 sa 35rx

August 3 09:38 Sun 11 le 30 waning triseptile Pallas 15 cp 47rx

August 4 15:31 Juno 16 li 13 waning triseptile Neptune 20 pi 30rx
22:01 Venus 27 ge 33 waxing triseptile Pluto 23 cp 15rx

August 6 10:57 Sun 14 le 26 waxing triseptile Ceres 10 pi 09rx

August 7 00:20 Mercury 03 le 36 waxing biseptile Mars 20 ar 45
05:24 Sun 15 le 10 waning triseptile Jupiter 19 cp 27rx

August 8 21:50 Mercury 07 le 23 waxing biseptile Eris 24 ar 31rx

August 9 07:27 Venus 01 cn 32 waxing triseptile Saturn 27 cp 15rx
22:09 Venus 02 cn 06 waxing septile Uranus 10 ta 40

August 10 07:09 Mercury 10 le 11 waning triseptile Pallas 14 cp 29rx

August 11 01:21 Sun 18 le 50 waning triseptile Pluto 23 cp 07rx
02:43 Venus 03 cn 13 waxing biseptile Neptune 20 pi 21rx
08:57 Sun 19 le 08 waxing septile North Node 27 ge 43rx
21:22 Mercury 13 le 27 waxing triseptile Ceres 09 pi 10rx

August 12 11:25 Mercury 14 le 39 waning triseptile Jupiter 18 cp 56rx

August 13 19:43 Venus 05 cn 48 waning biseptile Juno 18 li 39

August 14 11:38 Mercury 18 le 46 waning triseptile Pluto 23 cp 03rx
16:24 Mercury 19 le 10 waxing septile North Node 27 ge 45
23:12 Sun 22 le 35 waning triseptile Saturn 26 cp 53rx

August 15 22:54 Sun 23 le 32 waxing biseptile Uranus 10 ta 41

August 16 07:43 Mercury 22 le 30 waning triseptile Saturn 26 cp 48rx
19:56 Mercury 23 le 32 waxing biseptile Uranus 10 ta 41rx
23:01 Sun 24 le 30 waxing triseptile Neptune 20 pi 13rx

August 17 07:21 Mercury 24 le 30 waxing triseptile Neptune 20 pi 13rx

August 19 10:59 Mercury 28 le 48 waning septile Juno 20 li 14

August 20 12:34 North Node 27 ge 13rx waning triseptile Pluto 22 cp 56rx

August 22 05:50 Sun 29 le 36 waning septile Juno 21 li 01
07:21 Mars 25 ar 44 waxing biseptile Pallas 12 cp 53rx

August 23 17:41 Mercury 07 vi 05 waxing septile Venus 15 cn 39

August 26 20:13 Mercury 12 vi 51 waxing triseptile Chiron 08 ar 34rx

August 27 10:28 Mercury 13 vi 56 waning biseptile South Node 26 sa 47

August 28 05:56 Vesta 07 le 17 waxing biseptile Eris 24 ar 26rx
13:40 Mars 27 ar 03 waxing septile Ceres 05 pi 37rx

August 29 05:11 Venus 21 cn 20 waxing biseptile Chiron 08 ar 29rx

August 30 01:28 Vesta 08 le 04 waning triseptile Pallas 12 cp 21rx
04:59 Venus 22 cn 23 waning triseptile South Node 26 sa 40rx

Moon to Sun

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 1 13:07 Moon 14 cp 01 waxing triseptile Sun 09 le 44
5 20:58 Moon 09 pi 35 waning triseptile Sun 13 le 52
10 12:32 Moon 05 ta 28 waning biseptile Sun 18 le 19
15 01:56 Moon 01 cn 16 waning septile Sun 22 le 42
19 02:40 Moon 26 le 35 conjunct Sun 26 le 35
22 20:29 Moon 21 li 37 waxing septile Sun 00 vi 11
26 18:09 Moon 16 sa 48 waxing biseptile Sun 03 vi 57
30 23:48 Moon 12 aq 19 waxing triseptile Sun 08 vi 02

Moon to Mercury

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 4 16:42 Moon 24 aq 52 waning triseptile Mercury 29 cn 09
9 17:47 Moon 26 ar 12 waning biseptile Mercury 09 le 03
14 19:53 Moon 28 ge 02 waning septile Mercury 19 le 28
19 05:35 Moon 28 le 21 conjunct Mercury 28 le 21
23 06:23 Moon 27 li 37 waxing septile Mercury 06 vi 11
27 12:08 Moon 26 sa 55 waxing biseptile Mercury 14 vi 03

Moon to Venus

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 2 01:18 Moon 20 cp 45 waning triseptile Venus 25 ge 03
6 09:30 Moon 16 pi 00 waning biseptile Venus 28 ge 52
11 01:11 Moon 11 ta 44 waning septile Venus 03 cn 09
15 13:20 Moon 07 cn 28 conjunct Venus 07 cn 28
19 12:58 Moon 02 vi 50 waxing septile Venus 11 cn 24
23 07:07 Moon 28 li 04 waxing biseptile Venus 15 cn 12
27 06:10 Moon 23 sa 35 waxing triseptile Venus 19 cn 17
31 13:33 Moon 19 aq 32 waning triseptile Venus 23 cn 49

Moon to Mars

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 4 23:35 Moon 28 aq 29 waning septile Mars 19 ar 55
9 08:35 Moon 21 ar 39 conjunct Mars 21 ar 39
13 18:25 Moon 14 ge 40 waxing septile Mars 23 ar 14
17 18:17 Moon 07 le 22 waxing biseptile Mars 24 ar 30
21 08:56 Moon 29 vi 47 waxing triseptile Mars 25 ar 30
24 23:16 Moon 22 sc 04 waning triseptile Mars 26 ar 21
28 19:29 Moon 14 cp 14 waning biseptile Mars 27 ar 05

Moon to Vesta

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 4 12:33 Moon 22 aq 40 waning triseptile Vesta 26 cn 57
8 21:11 Moon 16 ar 00 waning biseptile Vesta 28 cn 52
13 08:09 Moon 09 ge 23 waning septile Vesta 00 le 49
17 10:03 Moon 02 le 35 conjunct Vesta 02 le 35
21 02:09 Moon 25 vi 37 waxing septile Vesta 04 le 11
24 17:27 Moon 18 sc 37 waxing biseptile Vesta 05 le 46
28 14:56 Moon 11 cp 44 waxing triseptile Vesta 07 le 27

Moon to Juno

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 2 15:35 Moon 28 cp 33 waxing biseptile Juno 15 li 42
6 19:24 Moon 21 pi 03 waxing triseptile Juno 16 li 46
11 05:04 Moon 13 ta 39 waning triseptile Juno 17 li 56
15 11:05 Moon 06 cn 15 waning biseptile Juno 19 li 06
19 06:13 Moon 28 le 44 waning septile Juno 20 li 10
22 19:47 Moon 21 li 11 conjunct Juno 21 li 11
26 12:42 Moon 13 sa 42 waxing septile Juno 22 li 16
30 12:30 Moon 06 aq 19 waxing biseptile Juno 23 li 28

Moon to Ceres

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 1 22:53 Moon 19 cp 26 waning septile Ceres 10 pi 51rx
5 22:13 Moon 10 pi 14 conjunct Ceres 10 pi 14rx
10 03:20 Moon 00 ta 55 waxing septile Ceres 09 pi 29rx
14 07:35 Moon 21 ge 33 waxing biseptile Ceres 08 pi 41rx
18 02:33 Moon 12 le 12 waxing triseptile Ceres 07 pi 54rx
21 13:57 Moon 02 li 53 waning triseptile Ceres 07 pi 10rx
25 01:46 Moon 23 sc 32 waning biseptile Ceres 06 pi 24rx
28 19:19 Moon 14 cp 08 waning septile Ceres 05 pi 34rx

Moon to Pallas

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 1 16:58 Moon 16 cp 09 conjunct Pallas 16 cp 09rx
5 15:31 Moon 06 pi 46 waxing septile Pallas 15 cp 20rx
9 20:14 Moon 27 ar 25 waxing biseptile Pallas 14 cp 33rx
14 01:11 Moon 18 ge 10 waxing triseptile Pallas 13 cp 53rx
17 21:15 Moon 09 le 05 waning triseptile Pallas 13 cp 22rx
21 09:27 Moon 00 li 07 waning biseptile Pallas 12 cp 58rx
24 21:51 Moon 21 sc 14 waning septile Pallas 12 cp 40rx
28 16:11 Moon 12 cp 25 conjunct Pallas 12 cp 25rx

Moon to Jupiter

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 1 23:57 Moon 20 cp 01 conjunct Jupiter 20 cp 01rx
5 23:43 Moon 11 pi 00 waxing septile Jupiter 19 cp 35rx
10 05:31 Moon 02 ta 00 waxing biseptile Jupiter 19 cp 09rx
14 10:25 Moon 23 ge 02 waxing triseptile Jupiter 18 cp 45rx
18 05:51 Moon 14 le 09 waning triseptile Jupiter 18 cp 26rx
21 17:55 Moon 05 li 19 waning biseptile Jupiter 18 cp 11rx
25 06:55 Moon 26 sc 32 waning septile Jupiter 17 cp 57rx
29 01:56 Moon 17 cp 45 conjunct Jupiter 17 cp 45rx

Moon to NorthNode

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 2 07:45 Moon 24 cp 17 waning triseptile North Node 28 ge 34rx
6 08:03 Moon 15 pi 16 waning biseptile North Node 28 ge 07rx
10 14:13 Moon 06 ta 18 waning septile North Node 27 ge 44rx
14 19:19 Moon 27 ge 45 conjunct North Node 27 ge 45
18 13:52 Moon 18 le 56 waxing septile North Node 27 ge 30rx
22 01:17 Moon 09 li 51 waxing biseptile North Node 27 ge 00rx
25 14:44 Moon 01 sa 04 waxing triseptile North Node 26 ge 47rx
29 10:38 Moon 22 cp 27 waning triseptile North Node 26 ge 44rx

Moon to SouthNode

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 4 07:09 Moon 19 aq 49 waxing septile South Node 28 sa 23rx
8 10:34 Moon 10 ar 43 waxing biseptile South Node 27 sa 52rx
12 17:42 Moon 02 ge 00 waxing triseptile South Node 27 sa 43
16 18:00 Moon 23 cn 24 waning triseptile South Node 27 sa 41rx
20 07:54 Moon 14 vi 23 waning biseptile South Node 27 sa 15rx
23 19:16 Moon 05 sc 24 waning septile South Node 26 sa 50rx
27 11:55 Moon 26 sa 47 conjunct South Node 26 sa 47
31 10:30 Moon 17 aq 57 waxing septile South Node 26 sa 31rx

Moon to Saturn

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 2 14:02 Moon 27 cp 43 conjunct Saturn 27 cp 43rx
6 15:05 Moon 18 pi 51 waxing septile Saturn 27 cp 26rx
10 21:42 Moon 10 ta 00 waxing biseptile Saturn 27 cp 08rx
15 01:44 Moon 01 cn 09 waxing triseptile Saturn 26 cp 52rx
18 19:38 Moon 22 le 21 waning triseptile Saturn 26 cp 39rx
22 07:22 Moon 13 li 35 waning biseptile Saturn 26 cp 27rx
25 21:11 Moon 04 sa 49 waning septile Saturn 26 cp 15rx
29 17:20 Moon 26 cp 04 conjunct Saturn 26 cp 04rx

Moon to Chiron

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 4 03:16 Moon 17 aq 46 waning septile Chiron 09 ar 12rx
8 07:19 Moon 09 ar 07 conjunct Chiron 09 ar 07rx
12 14:35 Moon 00 ge 26 waxing septile Chiron 09 ar 00rx
16 15:05 Moon 21 cn 45 waxing biseptile Chiron 08 ar 54rx
20 05:45 Moon 13 vi 04 waxing triseptile Chiron 08 ar 47rx
23 17:35 Moon 04 sc 23 waning triseptile Chiron 08 ar 41rx
27 09:57 Moon 25 sa 41 waning biseptile Chiron 08 ar 33rx
31 08:40 Moon 16 aq 59 waning septile Chiron 08 ar 24rx

Moon to Uranus

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 2 14:07 Moon 27 cp 45 waning biseptile Uranus 10 ta 37
6 15:48 Moon 19 pi 13 waning septile Uranus 10 ta 39
10 23:04 Moon 10 ta 40 conjunct Uranus 10 ta 40
15 03:29 Moon 02 cn 07 waxing septile Uranus 10 ta 41
18 21:37 Moon 23 le 32 waxing biseptile Uranus 10 ta 41rx
22 09:36 Moon 14 li 57 waxing triseptile Uranus 10 ta 40rx
25 23:49 Moon 06 sa 21 waning triseptile Uranus 10 ta 38rx
29 20:26 Moon 27 cp 45 waning biseptile Uranus 10 ta 36rx

Moon to Neptune

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 2 16:35 Moon 29 cp 06 waning septile Neptune 20 pi 32rx
6 18:13 Moon 20 pi 27 conjunct Neptune 20 pi 27rx
11 01:18 Moon 11 ta 47 waxing septile Neptune 20 pi 21rx
15 05:20 Moon 03 cn 07 waxing biseptile Neptune 20 pi 16rx
18 23:09 Moon 24 le 27 waxing triseptile Neptune 20 pi 10rx
22 10:59 Moon 15 li 48 waning triseptile Neptune 20 pi 05rx
26 01:11 Moon 07 sa 08 waning biseptile Neptune 20 pi 00rx
29 21:46 Moon 28 cp 28 waning septile Neptune 19 pi 53rx

Moon to Pluto

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 2 05:59 Moon 23 cp 19 conjunct Pluto 23 cp 19rx
6 06:51 Moon 14 pi 39 waxing septile Pluto 23 cp 14rx
10 13:35 Moon 05 ta 59 waxing biseptile Pluto 23 cp 08rx
14 18:32 Moon 27 ge 20 waxing triseptile Pluto 23 cp 03rx
18 13:27 Moon 18 le 41 waning triseptile Pluto 22 cp 58rx
22 01:35 Moon 10 li 03 waning biseptile Pluto 22 cp 54rx
25 15:19 Moon 01 sa 25 waning septile Pluto 22 cp 50rx
29 11:15 Moon 22 cp 47 conjunct Pluto 22 cp 47rx

Moon to Eris

Date Time (GMT) Aspect
August 1 08:55 Moon 11 cp 41 waning biseptile Eris 24 ar 32rx
5 08:28 Moon 03 pi 06 waning septile Eris 24 ar 32rx
9 14:23 Moon 24 ar 31 conjunct Eris 24 ar 31rx
13 20:52 Moon 15 ge 56 waxing septile Eris 24 ar 30rx
17 18:15 Moon 07 le 20 waxing biseptile Eris 24 ar 29rx
21 07:15 Moon 28 vi 45 waxing triseptile Eris 24 ar 28rx
24 20:03 Moon 20 sc 10 waning triseptile Eris 24 ar 27rx
28 14:38 Moon 11 cp 34 waning biseptile Eris 24 ar 25rx