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The Septile Circular: September 2020

September's 7th harmonic astrology ramps up in quantity of exact aspects in comparison to other months in 2020, with nearly 160 hitting us. There's a lot of static in the air from these, in addition to all the other astrology occurring. That said, this month's aspects are more small-ball than anything else. There's very little on the solely-outer-planet front this month. We have the lingering, refranating Uranus-Neptune opening septile as part of the Cataract pattern with Saturn ( Saturn=catarrh, Uranus=ACT!, Neptune=where did I leave my glasses again? ), as described in last month's circular. The septile in question has been going since the end of July, came within 1 degree of orb in the middle of August and peaks without perfecting by September 20th, and then fades out over the next couple months, to resume in 2021. But a reminder as we get distracted by other major astrology and world events as the year winds down: Saturn in this pattern could well be a stabili