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The Septile Circular: October 2020

October's 7th harmonic weather lightens a little from September. We aren't getting bombarded with super-heavy days as we otherwise have been all summer. But the respite we had from outer planet-to-outer planet aspects is over. Before we get to heavy hitters, let's review the month ahead. With the outer planets being in rough 7H relationship to one another, the Sun and other quick-movers will end up contacting them all in quick measure now. The Sun, who already contacted Jupiter in September, will make short work of Pluto on the 2nd, then Saturn, Uranus and Neptune on the 5th through 7th. Expect messages from the deep and the world's shadow coming to light via synchronicity, followed by a few news cycles illustrating the powers at work and the beyond-human-limits overwhelm they inspire. Uranus and Neptune might also be good days for outer space news. Venus and Mars have a dance this month. First they take a spin with Juno and Ceres on the 17th, meet in the middle f