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Eleven Degrees Scorpio to Twenty-Five Degrees Libra

"Mercury retrograde disposited by Mars retrograde, 'nuff said." Ha. The Sewers , 2 years, 2 weeks ago* This part of the zodiac doesn't get a lot of love, to be honest. Or a lotta light. But every four to eight years or so.. I was doing my business, making my rounds. Once the Combusta ends it tends to get quiet, dark and swampy before the subtle awe and glow takes over in Sag. But this time you could see some candlelight from way back. Cazimi does that. This here psycho tries to leave that pomp to itself though — Inanna gets to be a real fright if you pass by without offering food and water of life, even if you're not part of the ritual. And that's when I trip. The thousands of years I've run through this passage, I know every stone and pebble, even as they rotate through. This though? It was curved . I reach down in the mire and pull up what seems like a woomera or a metal plantain — with a woman attached to it. Look at you.. A lady of royal mien, b

The Septile Circular: November 2020

November's 7th harmonic details remain hot from October, and give us not one but two major outer planet aspects and a scorching big day. To walk through the month, it begins easy as Venus makes a tour of the outer planets falling (even tighter) into placement in the Cataract Star pattern: Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, with applying Pallas, Pluto and Jupiter. The 8th concentrates this focus with aspects to the applying Saturn-Neptune conjunction, as well as now-direct Mercury following-up with third hits to Vesta and then the South Node the next day. Intuitions take on a loving, beauty-and-harmony-centering tone or a relational nature reflecting the larger movements at play. November 10th into 11th take the spotlight for 5 distinct planetary aspects with 5 planets, 4 asteroids and a lunar node, and includes the third and final Saturn-Neptune waning septile for this year and this synodic cycle. With the combination of all these objects and points, we've got the last peak of 7th