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The Septile Circular: December 2020

My apologies dear readers. Would it suffice to say that transit Pluto has been kicking my arse? Let's get to the basics and get this posted for posterity, if nothing else. December's septile weather set the stage for a transition out of 2020's holding Cataract Star pattern. Three-quarters of the Capricorn crew finally moved on their way into Aquarius and away from the Capricorn focal point of the star at roughly 26-27° of the sign (although Pluto is moving in to anchor until Uranus advances into his next 5 degrees of Taurus). The aspect of the month is the 6th of 7 Uranus-Pluto biseptiles, exact on the 26th. This is augmented by a smaller blip of Jupiter swiftly moving out of his shadow range and nicking Neptune for a one-off waning septile along the way. First to Jupiter, consider that in 2019 his travels through home sign of Sagittarius brought us the square to Neptune, while in the early days of 2020 his first Neptune sextile brought the advent of COVID-19. The friction

The Septile Circular: January 2021

Happy new year. I'm in the middle of giving a rethink as to how I want to do the blog (and septiles for that matter), and that will develop gently. But while I do so, one thing does seem certain already: there's value in providing these monthly rundowns (provided I can get them out in a timely manner). For the next few months I may not go as deeply-analytical as desired while working with other moving pieces in the background, but advanced notice on the timings does seem to be a thing. So, let's get to it and get back on track.  We're very quickly headed into the second year of Septile Circulars already. It's a little bit jarring to go into 2021 after being confronted with the blockbuster year that was 2020. Last year, in addition to all the other (mundane) aspectual craziness, was the year with 4th highest count of greater-planet (Jupiter on out) septile activity since 1900 (through 2050), including a giant refractory hit with the summer's solstice solar eclips