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The Septile Circular: April 2021

April's septile weather came to play hardball. Brace yourself: expansive visions and more are forthcoming. The month falls into two "halves", bifurcated by the blockbuster final biseptile between Uranus and Pluto late on the 11th. Both sides of the month, however, find planets in an intricate, septile-dance with one another. The First "Half" The first decan of April glides by gently, with a handful of planetary aspects. The Sun and Venus, having toured most of the outer planets in March, two-stepping as they neared their superior conjunction, channel higher power Jupiter by the 5th and the North lunar node by the 10th. With Venus, expect spirit and insight carrying to you on the wings of doves (read: sexy gods are sexy and beautiful, you may find yourself experiencing moments or messages of unearthly love). Writing this in hindsight: her applying septile to Jupiter may have been felt less with the perfection than several hours prior, when the Moon