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The Septile Circular: June 2021

June's septile weather has elapsed, but the final full week of June came loaded with fireworks. Let's look at the larger patterns building into an intense July, including some of the more mundane events, and leave the small-ball to the Septile Pings . Let's give a quick rundown by planet first so you can assess the overall tone-flow. The Planets The Sun seemingly remained quiet for most of the month, but after making aspects to Jupiter and Eris in the first week, we got a powerhouse final week beginning on the 21st, with Helios throwing invisible rays to the remaining outers as their July patterns coalesced, then offering Juno a kiss on his way into the next month. It appears as though his eclipse on June 10th shorted out anything he did for a period of two weeks. To be sure: the Sun playing into the larger Uranus-Neptune septile may have made for sleepless nights and a general feeling of charged psychic energy. Mercury stayed out of the picture for nearly the entire month: