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The Septile Circular: Uranus septile Neptune #2

Hello. Blog sade sati is fading, though not yet gone, and not without some Saturnian reconstruction in the offing. I've realized that I'm not so much interested in publishing to the whole wide world. The whole Leo-Aquarius social media model of centralized focus set-on-a-pedestal to a broad undifferentiated audience doesn't seem to be a healthy human thing. Perhaps the current theme of Saturn in Aquarius is "be cautious what you let in and who you share with." It's not health solely in a physical sense, but in an energetic one as well. And for my own deepening explorations, I would like to balance what I offer with a sense of trust that it will be used well and not just consumed willy-nilly or abused. Granted, my penchant for offbeat topics keeps matters more human-scaled to begin with, but in observing scads of plagiarism unveilings with every Mercury retrograde this year and now Mercury on the lunar South Node, movement towards a new model or format seems pr