Looking for an astrologer to get a reading or other astrological service? Check out these Friends of the Blog!

The Centaur Space - David Leskowitz deploys his knowledge of the Centaurs as healing planets, in service of reading your evolutionary path in your birth chart. And so much more!

Goshen Astrology - Catherine Goshen consults in the strictest confidentiality, with the highest ethical standards with regards to her client relationships, honor-bound to serve each client to the best of her ability, seeking only your highest good. Her services include natal consultations, other astrology sessions and shorter consults.

Disclaimer: if my writing stirs a curiosity, I'd like to preempt questions on whether I give readings while not leaving you at a dead-end for assistance either. I'm not there yet. What you're seeing on the blog is an evolution of study and the development of an approach, which will probably steer a bit outside the norm even as I strengthen my own basics. 

That is to say, to those I list here, my initial aspiration is that this page will continue to be used on this site even if I do eventually start to offer my own services, because there will be a lack of overlap or conflicts of interest. The real evaluation will have to be left for when that time arrives, but I don't want to start out by unconsciously creating a potential "pull the rug out from under you" situation either. There's a lot of great people doing good astrology. I'd like to help get the word out.