Myers Briggs Type Index and Astrology Survey

Welcome to the MBTI/Astrology Survey landing page, with guidance and links for the survey. Details on the aims of the survey may be found on the start-up blog post. Stayed tuned to the blog for periodic metrics and news updates.

Taking the survey

Step 1: Corral your birth details prior to taking the survey. (semi-time-consuming if you don't know them already)

Your birth details should be as precise as possible.

Birth place should be the town you were born in (unless you were born in a large enough town like New York City, where borough may be more appropriate). 

Birth time should be as precise as can be; if you have documentation of time on your birth certificate, that's considered a gold-standard. While I won't go into the specifics of my hypothesis for pulling MBTI type from the natal chart to avoid prejudicing results, I will say that birth time is crucial for knowing several qualities of the chart (Ascendant and Moon signs, planet angularity). You can probably get away with 10-15 minutes off, but the more precise, the more accurate the survey results will be. If you don't know your birth time, you probably shouldn't fill-out this survey.

Step 2: Take the MBTI test (for standardized results across all survey respondents). (10-15 minutes)

We're using Personality Junkie's free online test for the purposes of result standardization. I and AstroKastalia are in no manner affiliated with the site. PJ will require you to enter your email address to get a link to the test - no need to stay subscribed to anything for the purposes for this test. The test is only about 40 questions, so not as brutal as some other online batteries can be.

***IMPORTANT*** When you're finished the test, please get a screenshot of your result like so:

Step 3: You'll need to email the screenshot to me at, using the email address you enter for the survey. Please put something to the effect of "MBTI/Astrology survey screenshot" in the subject line. (1 and done)

Google Forms does allow file upload, but only for those with pre-existing Google accounts; I'd like to ensure everyone goes through as few hoops as possible here.

Step 4: Fill-out the brief survey to include birth details and answer a few questions on how your MBTI results might compare with previous times you've taken the test. (5-10 minutes)

Feel free to switch this up with step 3 - I just didn't want you to miss getting the screenshot while you're test-focused.

And you're done! 

Please note: Personality Junkie offers additional INTJ-INTP and INFJ-INFP Type Clarifier tests for a fee. These tests are not necessary for the purposes of this survey and I will not compensate you should you choose to purchase either of them for yourself.

Also, please shoot me a line at the above email or in the comments if I can clarify anything or perhaps do something better.

Many thanks for your help in this endeavor and please do spread the word! 🙏